Singapore Playgroup for Kids – What’s The Right Age For Play Group?

Nowadays, it seems that kids are eager to go to school. This is particularly true if they have an older sibling who is already in school. The younger ones crave the attention which their parents are showering on the older kid and at the same time, he wants to be able to have friends as well.

Singapore Playgroup for Kids – What’s The Right Age For Play Group? -The appropriate age to send kids to playschool would then be between 2 and 3 years old.

But what is the right age for sending kids to playschool and understand life in playschool? Is there still a norm for this or should parents just send kids to school simply because their kids are asking them to?

Young children are very sensitive. And because of this, their growing years need to be given serious thought and care. While there are some parents who are interested in putting their two year olds in playschool, there are other parents who feel that this is still such a young age to be doing this. But there really is no standard age which states it is the right age for kids to enter the the best playschool.

At the same time, there is no exact rule that your 5 year old should start a formal school. However, it is socially accepted as the right age for doing so. This is because it is the age wherein learning through experience will make a big impact on kids. But with regards to playschool, the right age a kid should enter depends on the independence level which toddlers have already developed.

Suitable Age for Toddlers to Playschool

Normally, toddlers are being sent to playschool between 18 months and 5 years of age. But in determining if a child is ready for preschool still depends on external factors such as potty training. Commonly, kids should only be sent to school after they have been potty trained. If assistance is necessary, it can also be provided by playschool. As such, playschools have employees dedicated to do this specific task.

Another crucial factor to this is the parents’ work status. If both parents are working full time, they would normally wish to send their toddlers to playschool at a younger age so that they can be kept busy. With this in mind, the level of independence of the kid needs to be considered. It may be much better to send the toddler to a day care center instead.

The appropriate age to send kids to playschool would then be between 2 and 3 years old. This is because they have been potty trained and they already have a sense of independence, which are the two important factors to consider when sending kids to school. In addition, this is also the age wherein kids are able to learn best through experience. In preschool, kids will be taught how to do things such as wash their hands, count, identify parts of their body and alphabet. The best way they learn these things is through their own experience in school. This is why it is also important that their lessons should be fun filled and interactive. With this, a strong foundation for a good experience in learning can be established at a young age.

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