5 Year Old Tantrums – Learn How to Help Your Child

Dealing with the 5 Year Old Tantrums

By the time a child reaches the age of 5, many parents believe that temper tantrums should be a thing of the past. However more parents are finding that their 5 year old does still have temper tantrums and that they are far worse than any tantrum that child has had when they were younger.

5 Year Old Tantrums – Learn How to Help Your Child – Understanding that a temper tantrum is actually your child’s way of asking for attention is important.

Five year old temper tantrums tend to be more extreme, more intense and often more physical in nature. For five year olds the issue is less likely to be a communication issue as when they were younger. So what is a parent to do?

Temper tantrums are not something that should be tolerated, not at 5 years old… not that they should ever be tolerated. However you need to know the right response to have to your child’s tantrum. Often a parent’s first reaction is to put their child in a time out or time alone to calm down.

Understanding that a temper tantrum is actually your child’s way of asking for attention is important. They may need your time, your affection or your guidance on dealing with emotions they are experiencing.

Take a few moments to hug and hold your child. You can give them a place in the house that is close to the main activity in the home where they can go and calm themselves. Often having a “calm chair” or “calm couch” is a good idea. You can let your child know that you will join them on the calm couch if they would like you to.

Play detective, at age five the usual reasons for a child to have a temper tantrum do not hold true for this age. It is unlikely that their fit is over separation anxiety, frustration or communication issues. You need to do some investigating to find out what the cause of the tantrum is. This requires talking and listening to your child.

Aren’t Toddlers Temper Tantrums so Irritating?

You should also know that diet, allergies and foods can cause temper tantrums in five year olds. If you are notice that there are frequent tantrums you should start keeping a journal. This will allow you to keep a log of information that you can review to try to pinpoint what is triggering your child’s tantrum. Keep track of places you go, snacks, meals, playing with pets, playing with other children… anything you can think of. There is significant research that shows that allergies or reactions to foods, plants and animals can cause a number of symptoms in children, including temper tantrums.

It is also possible that a 5 year old that is having temper tantrums is trying to learn to control his or her anger. If you think back over your child’s development at different stages there were different milestones and obstacles that your child overcame when it came to interacting and communicating with other people. That is what the tantrums could be a result of.

This is why the best thing that you can do to help your child overcome their temper tantrums at five years is to interact with your child often. Listen to them and help them get a better grasp on the things they are going through.

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